Discovering Options To Avoid Being an Unpaid Caregiver or Receiving Unpaid Care!

Nationwide, there are has been approximately 450 billion dollars in unpaid caregiving to an adult family member/friend. That is 13% of the U.S. population that provides unpaid family caregiving. These numbers are staggering - these people are left with not only emotional stress but also financial.

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Unpaid caregiving in the news

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We Can't Forget Unpaid Caregivers
Specifically, what about caregivers and their personal finances? After all, we know this for sure in an uncertain world: America’s population is aging. The leading edge of the massive baby boom generation is filing for Social Security and Medicare. - 12/3/2012

Alzheimer's Caregivers can Fight the Disease
Caring for someone with Alzheimer's disease is challenging under the best of circumstances. Across the United States, more than five million people ages 65 and older are currently living with Alzheimer's disease (AD). And over 15 million more Americans -- family members, friends, neighbors and volunteers -- provide unpaid care for a loved on with AD. - 11/15/2012

Are Politicians Forgetting About Caregivers?
Now here's a number that you never heard during this campaign, but I wish you had — 65.7 — as in millions of people. That, according to the National Alliance for Caregiving, is the number of people in the U.S. who are serving as unpaid caregivers of children, adults or both. This is from the Alliance's 2009 report. - 11/14/2012

Family caregivers a backbone to long-term care system
Unpaid family caregivers are the backbone of our long-term care system and it is estimated that Oregon has an estimated 620,000 family caregivers who provide care valued at almost $5 billion to their loved ones each year. - 11/13/2012

Providing Support to Caregivers
More than 65 million Americans serve as unpaid caregivers for loved ones - 11/12/2012

Family Caregiving: A Closer Look at the Costs
November is National Caregivers Month, a time to reflect on caregivers and caregiving, those who sacrifice and serve in caring for those who are sick, elderly, or disabled, whether a family member, friend, or even neighbor. With an astounding $450 billion of uncompensated care provided annually by unpaid family caregivers, family caregivers stand as the largest source of long-term care services in America at more than 65 million strong, according to the Family Caregiver Alliance - 11/2/2012

  • Supporting Families Through Life Changes

    Providing support to the loved one needing care can be a challenging task, especially if you are the one that is caring for them as you need support as well. There are some suggestions to help.
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  • Classes, Support Groups for caregivers

    One of the most common mistakes that new caregivers make is not taking full advantage of the resources that are out there to provide support for them. One of the best ways for a caregiver to maintain their well-being is to connect with others.
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