Discovering Options To Avoid Being an Unpaid Caregiver or Receiving Unpaid Care!

Nationwide, there are has been approximately 450 billion dollars in unpaid caregiving to an adult family member/friend. That is 13% of the U.S. population that provides unpaid family caregiving. These numbers are staggering - these people are left with not only emotional stress but also financial.

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What Obama's Re-Election Means for Caregivers

(Source: Huffingtonpost) – In the next four years, the country’s 65 million family caregivers must speak out for the policies they need. The White House, Congress and all sectors of society should increase their support for these caregivers, who represent 80 percent of the nation’s long-term care workforce.

We have 65 million caregivers in this country -- 1 in 3 households. Approximately 66 percent of those caregivers are women who spend an average 20 hours a week caring for an older or ill loved one or for sons or daughters wounded in military service. An additional 24 million Americans are living in the Sandwich Generation, simultaneously caring for young children and an aging parent. And 7 out of 10 caregivers juggle these family responsibilities along with full- or part-time jobs.

President Obama and the rest of our elected representatives work for us -- we the people, we the caregivers.In the next four years, caregivers should: Speak up. Caregivers need to identify themselves. Collectively we need to develop the mentality that to get attention in Washington, we have to be seen as a deserving force.

Come together as neighbors, friends and communities to help one another. There are numerous ways to help caregivers shoulder the burden.

Obama knows firsthand the needs of caregivers. He assisted his aging grandparents, who helped raise him, and his mother, whom he lost to ovarian and uterine cancer. Since the president took office in 2009, he has ushered in several legislative milestones related to caregiving.

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