Discovering Options To Avoid Being an Unpaid Caregiver or Receiving Unpaid Care!

Nationwide, there are has been approximately 450 billion dollars in unpaid caregiving to an adult family member/friend. That is 13% of the U.S. population that provides unpaid family caregiving. These numbers are staggering - these people are left with not only emotional stress but also financial.

Read a family members story.

Providing support to loved one

Even if you are not your loved ones primary caregiver you still need to provide them support. So how do you show support when you feel so helpless, sad and emotional about your loved ones life changes? Below are some suggestions:

-Listen, this sounds easy but it actually can be very difficult, emotional and uncomfortable.

-Become knowledgeable, the more you learn about your loved ones situation the better you will be able to support them.

-Take care of yourself, an illness in the family can be the most devastating thing for a family to go through. Even with how busy and crazy things will get at times make sure you get proper amount of sleep, eat good, make time for yourself to do the things you like to do.

-Get some support for yourself, lean on others.

-Don't speculate or judge your loved ones illness.

Supporting your loved one through their long term care stages in life is a very trying time but it is a must. Here is a very emotional story of a daughter trying to provide support to her parents while her father is the primary caregiver for her mother.


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