Discovering Options To Avoid Being an Unpaid Caregiver or Receiving Unpaid Care!

Nationwide, there are has been approximately 450 billion dollars in unpaid caregiving to an adult family member/friend. That is 13% of the U.S. population that provides unpaid family caregiving. These numbers are staggering - these people are left with not only emotional stress but also financial.

Read a family members story.

Classes and support groups for caregivers

To cope with caregiver stress for most people it is very helpful to connect with others who are going through the same life challenging events. There are so many website's and useful resources on the internet that help people connect with other people, read others stories, share their own story, find support groups in their nearby areas, find solutions to deal with their stress, etc. Nobody should ever be alone when being an unpaid caregiver, they need as much support they can get - even if not now they will for sure later need it! Below are some great website that provide all this information: - A community of family caregivers sharing stories, support and solutions. - For caregivers who are looking to join or create their own support group. - Message boards and support groups for caregivers to loved ones with Alzheimer's disease. - Find local caregiver support groups. - They offer classes over the phone each month for family caregivers, they go over coping strategies to help manage the difficult days of caregiving.They also offer self study classes, caregivers can take at their own pace. - This is an actual online class caregivers can take to learn how to deal with the challenges, learn how to provide safe environment, learn how to deal with the behavioral problems, etc. - Webinars, classes and events for family caregivers.

Family caregivers... PLEASE take advantage of these wonderful resources available to you! They will make your caregiving experience much more pleasant!

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  • Classes, Support Groups for caregivers

    One of the most common mistakes that new caregivers make is not taking full advantage of the resources that are out there to provide support for them. One of the best ways for a caregiver to maintain their well-being is to connect with others.
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