What is Assignment of Long Term Care Benefits?


Assignment of benefits allows the insurance company to pay your caregiver directly.

So, if you are receiving care services in a manner that you expect to continue relatively unchanged (for example, you have moved to an assisted living facility that meets the requirements of your policy, or a nursing home that meets the requirements of your policy), it may be easier for you to assign the insurance company to pay the facility directly.

Your claims representative, or often someone at the facility, can help make this happen. This is not a permanent assignment of policy benefits, you will have the right to change your mind if something changes and/or you want to move in the future.

Don't jump into an assignment of benefits if you think your caregiver might change. If your caregiver changes after you have assigned benefits, you would have to coordinate the stop of your initial assignment of benefits and have the benefits payable either to you, or to your new caregiver. Remember, your long term care insurance policy is a contract between you and the insurance company. They pay you (until you assign benefits), which gives you control (a good thing)! Assignment of benefits can make your life easier once you are settled into a caregiver routine which you don't expect to change.


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