Tips for Managing Long Term Care Claim Paperwork


When you notify your insurance company that you have a long term care insurance claim, like most insurance policies, there’s quite a bit of initial paperwork!   There will be claims forms for the policy owner to complete, as well as forms for your physician(s) and long term care provider to complete.


Give your care providers a heads-up!
Tell them that you have long term care insurance, that they can expect claims paperwork, and that you would appreciate their help in turning around the paperwork quickly. Find out to whom in the office the form(s) should be sent – now you have a name for follow-up, if necessary.
Have everything routed through you. Many claims are postponed unnecessarily because one or another party delays sending in a form.  So that you can track things and know when all paperwork has been submitted, it’s a smart idea to have all paperwork routed through you, so that you can keep copies of everything before you send it to the insurance company.

Track all mailings
Send anything related to your claim to the insurance company in a trackable manner [return receipt requested, etc.].


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