Help with LTC Insurance Claims


We are often asked questions about how, where, and when to file a long term care insurance claim. Differences in policies, and the consolidation of insurance companies offering this coverage can make filing a claim confusing…after all, this isn’t something that you do every day!

This is your one-stop resource center for chronic care, extended care or long term care claims.



Long Term Care Claims Frequently Asked Questions


You’ll find below some questions that we’ve received over and over again. Do you have a question or some advice to share?


When do I become eligible to go on long term care insurance claim?

How do I satisfy my policy’s deductible and become eligible for claims payments?
Is my daily benefit the same amount when I originally purchased my policy?
What might be the least expensive way to satisfy my deductible?

What is assignment of benefits?
Can my choice home care provider or facility impact my ability to collect from my policy?
Is my premium still due when I am on claim?

Is care outside of the country covered?
How should I manage the claim paperwork?