Diabetes Type I with Insulin and Type II may be Insurable for Long-Term Care Insurance


If you have Diabetes and have inquired about long-term care insurance in the past, you have probably heard you would not be insurable for long-term care insurance. This may be true in some cases but not in all. If you would like to get an idea if you would be insurable or not take a look below.


Diabetes in combination with any of the following would be considered NOT insurable:


  • A1C greater than 9.0 
  • With history of these conditions Stroke, TIA, PVD
  • With history of heart disease  
  • Average BP readings over 159/89
  • With Tobacco Use 
  • With Carotid Artery Disease
  • With retinopathy, neuropathy, or nephropathy  
  • More than 50 units of insulin 
  • Frequent medication changes  
  • Regular use of steroids for other conditions     


If you have Diabetes, here is a sample height and weight range that would be considered insurable:


Sample Build Table - Unisex

5’ 5”      Max 258 lbs
5’ 6”      Max 266 lbs
5’ 7”      Max 274 lbs
5’ 8”      Max 282 lbs
5’ 9”      Max 291 lbs
5’ 10”    Max 299 lbs
5’ 11”    Max 308 lbs
6’ 0”      Max 316 lbs
6’ 1”      Max 320 lbs


If you do not have any of the listed conditions above in combination with Diabetes and your body build is within means of the sample build table then you would more then likely be considered insurable with one of our long-term insurance companies. To receive further information, please complete the request below.


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