Can my Choice of Home Care Provider or Facility Impact my Ability to Collect from my Policy?


Yes! Most long term care insurance policies are reimbursement policies, and the policy clearly states what type of care is eligible for reimbursement by the policy.

For example, home care may not be covered unless the person is both licensed hired through a home care agency. These details are outlined in your policy.

Care by family members are not covered under many policies, though there are some notable exceptions to this. Again, your policy spells out clearly whether family members can be paid for care.

Cash benefit policies are different than reimbursement policies; they pay the benefit amount once policy triggers have been met, and have no restrictions regarding use of policy benefits. If you have a cash benefit policy or are collecting from a reimbursement policy that has a cash benefit component, you need not be worried whether a caregiver meets policy definitions or not.

Traditional reimbursement policies will typically pay a claims benefit only if the care received is expressly covered as defined in the policy.


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