Kansas Partnership for Long-Term Care


Kansas Partnership for Long-Term Care now offers a way for residents of Kansas to protect their assets if they ever need to apply for Medicaid. People who purchase qualifying policies, after depleting their insurance benefits, may still qualify for Medicaid, provided they meet all other Medicaid eligibility criteria.

Kansas Partnership for LTC program works in the same manner as most all other partnership programs, in that the program provides a dollar for dollar asset protection. Each dollar your long-term care insurance partnership policy pays out in benefits entitles you to keep a dollar of your assets if you ever need to apply for Medicaid.

Under the federal Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, KS is an authorized LTC Partnership program state. These policies must be tax-qualified, contain certain consumer protection provisions and provide inflation protection. Read more for the state and federal requirements.

The average costs of care on a daily basis in the state of KS are listed below:

Homemaker Services
Home Health Aide
Adult Day Care
Assisted Living Facility
Nursing Home, Private Room
Nursing Home, Semi-Private Room

*This information came from the Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey.

Kansas Partnership policies are available from licensed insurance professionals that represent carriers that are authorized to sell KS LTC Partnership policies. To speak to a licensed professional in your area you can complete this form.

For further information and complete details of the Kansas Partnership Program visit the Kansas Partnership for Long Term Care Insurance Program official website.