Montana Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program

The Montana Long Term Care Insurance Partnership Program was approved in 2009. Under the Partnership Program, anyone who purchases a qualifying Montana Partnership Policy may be subject to asset protection. This will allow assets equal to the amount of benefits received from a MT Partnership policy to be disregarded. Therefore, say one were to receive $150,000 of benefits from their MT LTC Insurance Partnership policy, they would be able to protect up to $150,000 in assets should they need to apply for Medicaid for further care. This is called "Dollar-for-Dollar" Asset Protection.

A Montana Partnership Policy can be purchased through a licensed agent that must also have the appropriate training and MT partnership certifications to sell a Partnership policy. MT Partnership Policies are almost identical to a traditional LTC Insurance policy with the exception that there are some inflation protection requirements for it to be Partnership approved, these are:

--Under 60 years old: Compound inflation required
--Age 61-75: Some form of inflation is required (simple or compound)
--Age 76+: No inflation is required (may be purchased by choice)

Montana does participate in reciprocity, therefore a qualified Long Term Care Partnership Policy issued in another state would be recognized if that individual later moved to Montana (if the other state offers reciprocity with MT).

The average costs of care on a daily basis in the state of Montana are listed below:

Homemaker Services
Home Health Aide
Adult Day Care
Assisted Living Facility
Nursing Home, Private Room
Nursing Home, Semi-Private Room

*This information came from the Genworth 2012 Cost of Care Survey.

To learn more about Montana's Partnership Program, complete this request and we will put you in touch with a licensed MT LTC Specialist!