"Own Your Future" Long Term Care Insurance Campaign Information


"Own Your Future" Long Term Care Insurance campaign is a joint awareness program between the federal government and individual states that was developed in January 2005. It was specifically designed to raise awareness to individuals about the need for planning for Long Term Care.

As of January 2010, 25 states have participated in this campaign to raise awareness to the residents between the ages of 45 - 70. Each state mails a letter about the importance of planning for Long Term Care, and if one responds to the letter, they will receive a free Long Term Care Planning Kit.

This program is the first of its kind and is another way for the government to raise awareness about the importance of planning for LTC.

Minnesota is the most recent state to participate in the Own Your Future campaign, starting September 28, 2012, over one million residents will receive a letter from the Governor focused on considering planning for their long term care needs. There will be also over 500,000 emails going out. To learn more about the MN campaign visit www.mn.gov/ownyourfuture or click here to request a quote!

Source: www.longtermcare.gov