Single Premium Long Term Care Insurance


A Single Premium Long-Term Care Insurance policy is fairly new to the industry. It is a policy that combines life insurance and long-term care insurance, which is sold as a Universal Life Insurance policy that has an accelerated death benefit rider that will pay for long-term care needs if they are needed. This is an alternative to traditional LTC Insurance policies, it provides a guarantee that your premiums will not be wasted in you never use your long-term care benefits.

MoneyGuard Reserve is a universal life insurance policy from The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, it provides benefits you can tap into to reimburse qualified long-term care costs, protecting assets you have set aside for retirement. Money Guard Reserve provides three key benefits:


  • Get more for your long-term care dollar - freeing up other assets
    Have your assets work for you up to three, four or even five times harder for you.
  • Provides a money back guarantee - should you change your mind
    You can get the money back you paid into the policy.
  • Be tax smart about long-term care - income tax-free benefits
    The money you receive from your policy to reimburse for long-term care costs is income tax-free. If you never need long-term care benefits, the money is passed to your family through an income tax-free death benefit. Any money borrowed or withdrawn from your policy will reduce the death benefit and may have tax implications.


Money Guard Reserve offers simple solutions that makes sense for today and for tomorrow!

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